Green Stone Factory
We utilize the latest digital laser templating techniques which are compatible with our software, CNC Machines, and Water Jet Technology. After confirmation of your project, one of our skilled templating specialists will meet you at job site to obtain exact measurements using our digital laser template devices, ensuring precision and accuracy for your project.
We use the very latest stone industry technology, working to precision, even on the grandest scale. We are experts in CNC manufacturing and our craftsmen are specialists at sawing, polishing, and fabricating stone and quartz. We constantly monitor the quality of our products, fabrication, and installation. We strive to be the best in the industry. We are known for our excellent installation service. Our employees are professional and respectful in your home.
It is hard to overlook the fact that natural stone has become one of the most popular and attractive building and landscaping materials. It is frequently used by builders, architects, landscapers, contractors, artisans and property owners because of its aesthetic qualities, durability and versatility. Structures composed of natural stones can withstand heavy loads and extreme weather and last longer than other common building materials. 
We offer exotic and unique ornamental stones from Brazil with different types, shapes and colors to your decorate, as also gravel, pebbles and tiles for external areas.


Green Stone Factory is a supplier from raw blocks to prime manufactured slabs os classic and exotic natural stones. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art automatic machinery, our company also invests in skilled profissionals, in order to achieve exellence in its whole productive process, to run every step of process, in order to slabs with superior quality and enhance all the beutiful caracteristics of each stone, from renowned classic granites to the most exquisite and one-a-kind exotic stones. Every material comes from self-owned quarries, we holds a top-notch industrial park, with the best and latest technology avaliable on the market.
" We have the best products and prices "
Contact us and check out the variety of materials, services and products we have to offer you. You will be surprised by the resistance, quality and unique beauty of the exotic materials of Brazil. Make your project an exhibition with the colors and beauty of Brazil. We await your account ...